The Roaring 20's VA (pré-joué)
The Roaring 20's VA (pré-joué)

The Roaring 20's VA (pré-joué)

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Les jeux dans le Bazar L'As des jeux sont des jeux pré-joués. Ils ont été vérifiés par un de nos experts ludiques et sont certifiés 'Complet'. Il est possible d'y retrouver quelques petites imperfections telles que de l'usure légère sur la boîte ou sur certaines pièces du jeu.

The games in our Bazar are pre-played games. They have been verified by one of our game experts and are certified 'Complete'. It is possible to find some small imperfections such as light wear on the box or on certain parts of the game.

The Roaring 20's is an exciting, fast-paced game where players seek victory by accumulating the most wealth. Each mobster player receives money from his speakeasy and attempts to pull big jobs, hijack other players' loot and send out "hit men" to even up old scores. As the police commissioner, players have to stop crime as thrilling high speed chases find mobsters using second cars to run through police road blocks and "choppers" to knock police cars out of the chase. Or, the police commissioner can turn "crooked" and take bribes and make deals with the mobster players. It's all part of the fun and excitement in this game that allows you to relive that famous part of history known as the Roaring Twenties!

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