Sky team (EN)
Sky team (EN)
Sky team (EN)
Sky team (EN)
Sky team (EN)

Sky team (EN)

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Sky Team is a cooperative limited-communication game, exclusively for 2 players, where you play a pilot and co-pilot at the controls of an airliner.  Your goal is to work together as a team to land your airplane in different airports around the world. Silently assign your dice to the correct spaces in your cockpit to balance the axis of your plane, control its speed, deploy the flaps, extend the landing gear, contact the control tower to clear your path, and even have a little coffee to improve your concentration enough to change the value of your dice. From Montreal to Tokyo, each airport offers its own set of challenges. Watch out for the turbulence, it could end up being bumpy ride!

Fly to new destinations and discover new scenarios:

• A cooperative game for 2, in which trust between players is essential! 

• A very strong theme with immersion guaranteed 

• 11 airports and 21 exciting scenarios inspired by real landing conditions

• Unique components and a real depth of play 

• Progressive difficulty and flights offering various challenges 

• Add modules to the cockpit for richer gameplay: Kerosene leaks, wind, air traffic, ice, and even an intern to train!

• A tense and exciting experience

• Superb illustrations that make you want to take to the skies!

Basic contents

• 1 Landing Procedure booklet

• 1 Triple-layer Control Panel

• 1 Airplane Axis disc

• 4 Pilot dice (blue)

• 4 Co-Pilot dice (orange)

• 2 Screens/Player Aids

• 1 Altitude track

• 1 Approach track (Montreal - YUL)

• 12 Airplane tokens

• 2 Aerodynamics markers (blue and orange)

• 1 Brakes marker (red)

• 3 Coffee tokens

• 2 Reroll tokens

• 10 switches (Flaps, Landing Gear,and Brakes)

Additional components

• 1 Flight Log booklet

• 10 Approach tracks (front/back)

• 1 Kerosene module

• 1 Intern module

• 6 Intern tokens

• 1 Reroll token

• 1 Ice Brakes module

• 6 Competence cards

• 1 Traffic die (black)

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Très différent!

Un jeu unique en son genre. Nous ne sommes pas grands amateurs de jeux de coopération, mais celui-là est vraiment intéressant. Et vraiment difficile! Nous avons mis plusieurs parties avant de réussir le premier niveau!