First Contact (EN)
First Contact (EN)
First Contact (EN)
First Contact (EN)

First Contact (EN)

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Ancient Egyptians offer earthly objects to Aliens in exchange for the sacred knowledge of their language… sounds like a movie script. Yes, and you are main characters!

In this awesome associative-deductive party game, the players are divided into two teams.

Aliens are looking for necessary things and explaining what they want by using only symbols of their common features, like “a tool”, “fast”, or “round”. Earthlings are trying to decipher Aliens’ language, figure out their needs, and deserve Alien benevolence.

Both teams will have a winner.

For Aliens, the goal is to collect all the necessary things faster than other team members. For earthlings, it is to get the most benevolence tokens from Aliens for correct offerings. Players will use boards and markers to achieve their goals.

First contact with another world is a challenge. How well will you understand each other?


  • 12 Alien language pads
  • 12 Alien assignment cards
  • 1 Alien drawing pad
  • 75 Benevolence tokens (in 3 colors)
  • 1 Alien screen
  • 4 Earthling note pads
  • 4 Earthling voting pads
  • 4 Human screens
  • 5 Markers
  • 60 Item cards
  • 1 Rulebook

2 to 7 players
 40 minutes
Ages  14+ 

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