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Ta Yeule
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Ta Yeule

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Here is a game that could not be more scathing: Ta yeule! In this game, you have to give the best reply to the master of the game turn. Will you be the one who has the card with the best distribution? A game where you can insult your friends without embarrassment!

Here we are in front of a mischievous little game, a Quebec adaptation of the Taggle game. The goal of the game is to be the one who will choose the most amusing line in the eyes of the master of the game round. Each player will have the opportunity to embody the master. In this game, the person who gave the worst response will be told… “shut up” and lose a point. The points are counted using a card with several levels… of insults. And when we receive the ultimate insult, then we become the big loser.

The replies are counted to the number of four per card. According to the basic rules, it is necessary to use the four replicas before drawing a new one. The last turn of the game generally gives completely outlandish answers to the current reflection. The thoughts themselves can be either existential or downright ridiculous. Here are some examples: "I often pick my teeth with a post-it", "I met God" or "I need love so badly". The replies are either evasive, absurd or even scathing. For example, "Ah...that's why!" or “Do you mind if I have more pie?”.

There are also several ways to vary the rules to spice up the game. First of all, you can always take new replica cards to maximize their bite. This gives a more dynamic game and increases the competition for the funniest line. You can also give a different line to each player. We then look for the best combination and we leave as little time as possible to the players to choose the reply. You can also allow yourself, when you are the one who says the line, not to lose anyone a point when the lines are all as hilarious as each other.

A game that achieves its goal: to make people laugh.

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