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    What is Lorcana? In the vast world of collectible card games, Lorcana stands out for its magical universe inspired by the greatest Disney classics. Challenge yourself to build a powerful deck with cards representing your favorite heroes, iconic characters, and enchanted songs. You will have to create the best story with your cards to generate 20 Lore points and win the game.

    How does Lorcana play? Lorcana offers an engaging gaming experience for 2 or more players, where the objective is to reach 20 Lore points before the other player. Learn to maneuver your 40-card deck, use ink to activate your powers, and watch your heroes evolve like Pokémon. In addition, the rules of the game are simple and accessible to all family members over 10 years old. The cards reveal their secrets as the game progresses. Lorcana therefore offers us a new gaming experience with each game.
    31 products
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