Smash Up VF

Smash Up VF
Smash Up VF
Smash Up VF

Smash Up VF

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What do aliens, zombies, magicians and robots have in common? They all want to conquer the world! But they can never do it alone! so they form teams.

In Smash Up, lead an army ready to crush everything in its path! Choose 2 factions, mix them up and prepare for battle! Each people has its own style: the pirates sail from base to base, the zombies come back from their discard pile, the ninjas attack by surprise, the dinosaurs are gigantic (and a fool has equipped them with huge lasers!)...

Mix factions to create ever-different combos and game dynamics! Smash Up is the game for you if you like great games, devastating combos, fun games and supercharged universes!

A crazy universe where the coolest warriors imaginable face off: dinosaurs, ninjas, pirates, robots, zombies, magicians, aliens and small peoples!

Fast and dynamic games, which call for many revenges!

Dozens of army combinations to explore, to find the one that best suits your style of play...

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