Bang! - Le jeu de dés

Bang! - Le jeu de dés
Bang! - Le jeu de dés

Bang! - Le jeu de dés

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Each player has a secret character with their own goal and a special power:

  • The sheriff who must reveal his identity to others
  • The deputy sheriff who wins if the sheriff is alive at the end of the game
  • The outlaws who win if they take down the sheriff
  • The renegade who wins if he is the only survivor

In this version of Bang!, the cards have been replaced by dice! As in Yum, you are entitled to three rolls where you roll all or part of the dice each time during your turn.

Each Indian arrow immediately causes you to draw 1 arrow from the bank. Wounds are inflicted when the draw pile empties. You can also inflict damage on an opponent located 2 places away, or an adjacent neighbour, explode dynamite, shoot gatling at all players, or heal yourself with good silky beer!

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