Yark - Yuck! (ML)
Yark - Yuck! (ML)

Yark - Yuck! (ML)

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You've challenged yourself to be the grossest in your group of friends. Players must therefore collect sets of 5 identical disgusting images. To achieve this, they trade with each other, while being wary of flowers that smell way too good! You cannot complete a series with FLOWERS cards. On the other hand, the FLOWERS cards can pass for any image during the exchanges. In Yark!, there are no turns: everyone plays at the same time. Special challenges make the game even crazier and more chaotic that will bring out the clown in you! Laughter and disgust guaranteed!• Quick decision making

  • Communication
  • Creativity (overcoming embarrassment!)

3 to 6 players

10 minutes

Ages 7+

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