Snail's Pace Race Game (EN)
Snail's Pace Race Game (EN)

Snail's Pace Race Game (EN)

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Snail's Pace Race is an early learning game for children ages 3 and up. It is part of Ravensburger's Imagine - Play - Discover collection of games designed to build basic learning skills in preschoolers. This no-reading, quick-play game features six brightly-colored wooden garden snails that players move across a colorful game board according to the roll of the dice. Winner of Parent's Choice Gold Award and Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence 2011.

Beautifully illustrated game board and 6 wooden snails. A Snail's Pace Wins the Race Snail's Pace Race is a cooperative, non-competitive game that is part of Ravensburger's Imagine-Play-Discover line of early learning games for children ages 3 and up. Players move six colorful snail game pieces along the path of the game board, each starting from their matching colored leaf. All snails race even if there aren't an equal number of players. Players roll the dice to move the snails forward along their color path until they reach the last spot in their color. Players Cooperate with One Another to Race the Snails Ravensburger's Snail's Pace Race is an early learning game designed to introduce preschoolers to the basics of board game play without the pressure of direct competition.

In this game, the snails race each other, faciliated by the roll of the dice thrown by the children. The game encourages cooperative play as participants work together to race the snails. Snail's Pace Race introduces children to basic board game rules such as turn-taking, patience, dice-rolling and piece movement. Players also get to practice their counting, color-matching, memory, and social skills. Bright Artwork and Bold Designs Engage Children Like the other games in Ravensburger's Imagine - Play - Discover collection, Snail's Pace Race features bright artwork and bold callouts to engage young players and hold their attention. The carved wooden snail-shaped playing pieces provide a tactile appeal and help deepen players' connection to the game. What's In The Box? 6 wooden snails, 2 colored wooden dice, 1 playing board, 1 set of instructions Players race six brightly-colored wooden snails to see which one comes in first.


6 Wooden Snails, 2 Colored Dice, 1 Playing Board, Instructions

2 to 6 players
15 minutes
Age: 3+ 

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