Kiri-Ai: The Duel (EN)

Kiri-Ai: The Duel (EN)

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Kiri-Ai: The Duel is a fast-paced samurai dueling game packed into an 16 card system! Advance or retreat. Strike high or low. The first samurai to score two hits wins!

Each player has a hand of cards that represent movements, attacks, or special attacks on the battlefield. 

At the beginning of each round, each player places two cards from their hand face down next to the battlefield, after which they resolve the actions one card at a time. 

Plan your movement and combat stances correctly to be the first to score two hits on your opponent to win!


  • 16 cards
  • Instructions
  • Samurai wallet

2 players
5 to 10 minutes

Ages  13+ 

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