Mind Bug: First Contact - New Servants Exp. (EN)

Mind Bug: First Contact - New Servants Exp. (EN)

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Mindbug was co-designed by Richard Garfield (of Magic: The Gathering, Netrunner, and King of Tokyo fame). Mindbug is a fast and clever dueling card game in which the strongest and best card played at the wrong time may result in disaster (for yourself).

New monstrous (and often hilarious) minions await your bidding (or the manipulations of a Mindbug) with the First Contact: New Servants expansion. 

No less than twenty-four additional creatures await in this fun expansion with 4 additional Mindbugs (required to play the 4-player mode), fully compatible with any Mindbug set. Let the madness expand!

List of creature cards:

  • 2 Bugserker
  • 2 Count Draculeech
  • 2 Creep from the deep
  • 2 Ferret Pacifier
  • 2 Froblin Instigator
  • 2 Goreagle Alpha
  • 2 Hamster Lion
  • 2 Hungry Hungry Hamster
  • 2 Hyenix
  • 2 Majestic Manticore
  • 2 The Lurker
  • 2 Turf the Surfer

2 players
15 to 25 minutes
Ages  8+ 

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