Fuse: Countdown

Fuse: Countdown
Fuse: Countdown
Fuse: Countdown
Fuse: Countdown

Fuse: Countdown

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Originally launched in 2015 as one of Renegade’s very first games, Kane Klenko’s FUSE brought the tense action of bomb defusal to the tabletop, in a quick and simple, but extraordinarily challenging cooperative game! Taking just ten minutes to play and minutes to teach, FUSE has appeal for all types of gamers!

Veteran FUSE bomb-disposal techs may think they have the original game down to a science, but FUSE Countdown will throw some new obstacles in their way while also providing some great new tools! Multi-colored dice, Spark cards, new configurations, and Roles all add new elements to the game! Multi-colored dice can fill spots of either color, allowing a new level of flexibility AND challenge!

FUSE Countdown Includes:

  • Multi-colored Dice - can fulfill either color
  • Spark Cards - When you can’t place a die, instead of rolling it and removing a related die, you draw a Spark card. They work like a mini-bomb card for you to fulfill. You cannot win the game unless all active Spark cards are resolved.
  • Roles - Each player has a special player power.
  • New Cards! New bomb cards using some of the new features/icons. *New Fuse cards featuring multiple colors/numbers

  • 1–4 Players
  • 10 Min
  • Age: 14+
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