Dead' til Dawn VA (pré-joué)


Dead' til Dawn VA (pré-joué)

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Les jeux dans le Bazar L'As des jeux sont des jeux pré-joués. Ils ont été vérifiés par un de nos experts ludiques et sont certifiés 'Complet'. Il est possible d'y retrouver quelques petites imperfections telles que de l'usure légère sur la boîte ou sur certaines pièces du jeu.

The games in our Bazar are pre-played games. They have been verified by one of our game experts and are certified 'Complete'. It is possible to find some small imperfections such as light wear on the box or on certain parts of the game.

Dead 'til Dawn is a zombie group survival game for 3 to 8 players, where you don't actually need to survive to win! In each game, you will experience a unique zombie apocalypse story line with your friends full of choices, voting, alliances, combat, and betrayals. The game plays out like a group choose-your-own-adventure, only when players die they aren't out of the game - they become zombies with their own "zombie cravings" that they need to satisfy to win! Dead 'til Dawn is a unique, action packed and exciting game!

Dead 'til Dawn Mixes Role Play with a Competitive Twist. Each player starts with a Character card, with unique abilities and/or agendas, though it's still up to the player to decide how to play! The game starts by revealing 8 yellow-bannered character cards. These are the “core characters” who will allow new players to ease into the game. Some characters are helpful, some selfish, and some are downright evil. If a Character dies and joins the moaning dead, the bottom half of their Character card will show how they can still win by satisfying a “zombie craving."

Dead 'til Dawn plays out like a Zombie Movie. As the night falls, the survivors are hopeful - they have weapons, equipment, they're unhurt and ready to face the night. However, about half way through the game, as ammo runs low and weapons and tools have been broken or lost, and people's agendas begin to show...

Every game is a unique zombie story line. With 104 Event cards (or 120 with the deluxe set), 12 Setting cards (from the Dead Arm of the Law expansion), AND up to 25 possible Characters, this game never plays the same way twice.

Finally, players are NEVER out of the game. If a player dies, they simply switch sides and continue to play as a zombie! They draw zombie cards to achieve their "zombie craving," which usually features taking down those left alive. This feature not only keeps everyone involved, but as the game progresses and more players become zombies, it greatly increases the difficulty and drama of the game.

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