Dominion: L'arrière-pays

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Dominion: L'arrière-pays

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This product is an expansion and requires the Dominion base game to play.

The world is big and your kingdom is small. In fact, it's small when compared to the rest of the world, but quite large when you compare it to the other realms. But a big world like this... at least, compared to smaller worlds (if there are any)... Where were we? Oh yes! This large world, when compared to your realm, offers you many opportunities for expansion. Rumors suggest that in these remote places and exotic countries, people don't eat pancakes, but bagels. People don't wear the right number of shirts there and don't even have a word to describe the look two people share hoping the other is going to do something they both want, but neither of them can. wants to start. It is therefore towards these lands that you intend to expand your kingdom.

This is the seventh title in the Dominion series. The "Hinterland" adds 26 new Kingdom cards, including 20 Action cards, 3 Treasure cards, 3 Victory cards of which 3 are also Reaction cards.
The theme of this expansion is to achieve an effect immediately after receiving or buying a card.

Content :
✔ 300 cards
✔ 1 separator for cards
✔ 1 ruler

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