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Bombyx Abyss VA Bombyx Abyss VA

Abyss VA


Explore the deep seas and get your hands on the throne!

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For centuries, creatures have enjoyed undivided rule over the depths of the ocean. Their kingdom, Abyss, is respected by all allied nations, happy to have their protection against fearsome underwater monsters. Soon, the throne will be vacant… And what if it’s time for you to claim it? Time is precious: only a few days remain before the next monarch will be chosen. You must spread your influence so you appear to be the only choice. It is urgent that you:


  • affiliate the best representatives of the allied races
  • recruit honored lords (and benefit from their powers)
  • control important locations in the kingdom.


Your success depends on your ability to make the right choices. Bear in mind that in the depths of the sea money fuels conflict- so managing your precious pearls properly is key to controlling events – and, of course, luck only favors the bold!



Rulebook (PDF)


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