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  • Ark + ext Extra mix VA (pré-joué)

Ark + ext Extra mix VA (pré-joué)

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Noah is tearing out his beard as he doesn't have much time left to finish loading his ark.

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Les jeux dans le Bazar L'As des jeux sont des jeux pré-joués. Ils ont été vérifiés par un de nos experts ludiques et sont certifiés 'Complet'. Il est possible d'y retrouver quelques petites imperfections telles que de l'usure légère sur la boîte ou sur certaines pièces du jeu. 

The games in our Bazar are pre-played games. They have been verified by one of our game experts and are certified 'Complete'. It is possible to find some small imperfections such as light wear on the box or on certain parts of the game.

Noah is tearing out his beard as he doesn't have much time left to finish loading his ark. After all, the clouds are gathering and the rain could come at anytime. Meanwhile, the animals are gathering before the ark and waiting to be told who goes in which stalls. A handful of people have showed up to offer help, but they look like gamblers and game players!

In Ark, the players need to help load animals and supplies into Noah's ark in preparation for the rains to come – but you can't just shove animals into stalls willy-nilly. If the meat eaters are boarded with plant eaters, you won't have those plant eaters around by the time the water recedes. Animals from cold and warm climates also need to be bunked separately so that they can all be comfortable. On top of all that, you have to worry about the weight of the animals; load too many on one side of the ark and you'll all be treading water for the next forty days and forty nights...

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